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Touche Eclat is one of those products you really want to believe is an actual “Life Savor!”.  Like Maybelline Great Lash mascara, it’s probably just over-hyped and dubbed iconic but one V.I.P. in the cosmetics world.  But still; something about it calls to you.  If you can’t have shoes from the famous designer, you may as well put his merchandise on your face and feel really special and glamorous.  I’m a sucker for a label; it doesn’t matter if what’s really inside is the same old, same old cherry lipgloss you had when you were four, if it has ‘BURBERRY’ stamped on it I’m dishing out the plastic. 

As was the case with the popular Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (I think I’m missing a French accent in there, but whatevs).  I gazed upon it’s shiny silver pen-like wand (am I the only one who has it in silver?) and I had to try it.

I may be sarcastic, cynical and stupid, byt DAY-UM (that’s right, a TWO SYLLABLE DAMN), this product is FINE (please read this in a voice that seems appropriate).   To put it o the extreme test, I woke up with racoon eyes of mascara (I was lazy last night and decided to skip the remover, a decision I almost ALWAYS regret).  If Touche Eclat could cover up dark circles made from Blackest Black mascara, it was worth the dough.

And get this: it did.  Afterwards my under-eyes not only were a regular, natural color, but they looked refreshed, revitalized, and positively Photoshop worthy.  And I wouldn’t lie.  This product is ACTUALLY a life savor, maybe I’ll start believing the forty-somthing women online at Sephora.com (sorry, not trying to judge; I just usually have to see it to believe it, not read it to believe it).  It was love at first sight.  Heart palpitations were involved.  It was a magical moment worthy of Harry Potter, like Hermione turned the ogre into a beautiful maiden that had a good night’s sleep.  I thought there would be sparkly circles around me eyes, but no glitter in sight, just radiance.  And it, ahem, covered a pesky pimple quite nicely too, though not as nicely as my Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer.  Oh well, everything has its purpose.


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I’m sure you’ve all heard the buzz.  I’m sure you’ve all been to a friend’s house and heard a seemingly endless sotry about how Clarisonic changed her life while akwardly resting your butt on the edge of her toilet seat.  I’m sure you’ve been tempted.

But only one thing has been holding you back: the price.

Now, there are many on the market, but let’s justsay the average you’d pay for a Brand-Spankin’ New Clarisonic System is roughly$200.  Let’s make a list of the things you could do with $200, shall we?

– You could throw a really medium party and end up getting wasted and making out with your best friend’s cousin who ALSO LIKES THE BLACK KEYS!!

– You could go on a shopping trip with your rich friend and spendjust enough money on useless clothing to mke it look like you’re actually successful (therefore gaining admiration andan invitation to her next social gathering)

– You could donate it.  Seriously.  I’m sure that homeless man (the one NOT interested in crack) could use the money.

– You could put it in your bank account and feel really mature and economical.  And then spend it on those cute silver pumps two months later and not feel guilty.

OK, in this day and age, let’s face it: 200$ isn’t exactly the big whoop-de-do it used to be.  Don’t you hate it when your elders tell you stories about how ‘coke used to be just a nickel’ and you feel really bad because you know your total pop intake has been roughly $500?

So really, I ask you, after a ranting session about the economy that I’m not really obligated to make, is the Clarisonic worth it?  You tell me.

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That’s right, I’m classy.  I took French in Grade School and now everybody thinks I’m the best thing to take with them to Paris because I can tell a waitress “je voulait le spaghetti du jour et une Perrier” in a crude accent.

Wow, I just realized that the Internet is, like, the best place EVER to talk about useless subjects.  I guess I should tell you what this blog is really about.

It’s basically a blog about beauty products.  And all that jazz related to paintin’ on your face in the morning and takin’ it off at night.

I’m really hoping that this blog won’t end up in my pile of things I Got Really Excited About and then Suddenly Didn’t Care and Gave Up.  But I’m not gonna lie, if I don’t come back in five days, you can take me off your bookmark query.

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