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It’s a beauty blogger tradition to make a post about beauty secrets we’ve learned from our mothers.  After all, who else has been influencing our decisions since the day we were born?  My very first memories of using makeup were with my mother; she used to let me use a bit of her blush whenever we went out for dinner or something and it honestly made me feel like a million bucks.  She bought me my very first tube of Great Lash.  She introduced me to the wonderful world of Clinique Beauty Bonuses.

She is also right above me right now, on the second floor, making me dinner.

So here goes.

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday.

My hair gets oily during the summer.  VERY oily.  And I used to wash it every day, because it seemed like the obvious thing to do.  But my mother taught me that washing your hair every day actually makes it more prone to oil and frizz and all that bad stuff, and she also taught me that washing your hair less frequently is better for your skin.  Seriously.  When I’m washing once every two days, I notice a difference in my acne.


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